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This video explores lines as graphical objects. 
Lines are the graphical instruments most often used to analyze trends.The MetaTrader 4 trading terminal has several kinds of these objects.
A horizontal line can be used to mark price levels on the chart.
For example, use it to mark support and resistance levels. One point must be set in order for this object to be imposed.

A vertical line can also be imposed by setting one point on the chart.
If the vertical line is applied within the price chart window it will be drawn across the screen, including additional indicators' windows. 

If you impose the vertical line only in the indicator's window, the line will be located only within the window in which it is created.

It's convenient to use vertical lines when you need to mark a particular date on the chart 
or make a visual comparison of the indicator values ​​at a particular bar or candlestick. 
The trendline is an indispensable tool for identifying and analyzing trends on price charts. 
To apply the trendline to the chart, choose this instrument from the toolbar or use the "Insert" menu.
Then, press the left mouse button in the place where the first point of the trendline will be, and while holding the button stretch the line to its second point.
Release the left mouse button, and the trend-line object will be created.

To change the trendline or adjust its position, select the object using the extreme markers and correct the locations of extreme points on the line.
You can move the line with the help of the middle marker.
Moreover, you can use the "Ray" option from the "Parameters" tab in the "Trendline properties" window so that the trendline won't be limited by  specified points, 

but will continue to infinity in the direction from the first point to the second.

The "Trendline by angle" helps to explore trends in price changes. Unlike a simple trendline, an angle must be set for this line to be drawn. 

To make corrections in the value of the angle, use "Parameters" tab in "Trend by angle properties" window.