Trend lines

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Today, we'll learn how to use Trendline.
Trendline is a tool commonly used to analyze trends in the Forex market.To set the trendline on your chart, you need to choose "Insert," "Lines" and "Trendline."
Then, place it on the chart, specifying two points. A line will be drawn from the first point to the second one and will continue to infinity. 

Once you've placed the line, double-click to select it. Then, you'll be able to drag it to another location or change the angle.

To access the Properties window, right-click on the trendline and then choose "Trendline properties."

As you can see in the "Parameters" tab, you can set two points through which the trendline should pass. 
As with any other horizontal line, the trendline can represent either a support level or a resistance level.

The most important characteristic of the trendline is the angle of inclination. Sometimes, you'll need to know it exactly.
In this case, we can set a special kind of trendline called the "trendline by angle."
 To do this, select the menu item "Insert," followed by "Lines" and "Trendline by angle."

As the line is placed, you can see  its angle of inclination. This is helpful when you need to set the line at a precise angle.

If we set two trendlines together, they will imply a channel. Sometimes, though, it's more convenient to set the channel instead. 

This will be discussed in one of the next videos.