Channel of linear regression

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This video is devoted to Linear Regression channel.
To apply this channel to the chart, use the sequence "Insert" - "Channels" - "Linear Regression."

The Linear Regression channel is the standard tool in any science which allows to find the true correlation between one parameter and another. In this case it helps to find the dependence of price from time.

The channel is plotted on the basis of the prices you've specified in properties.
The center line in linear regression channel is the "mean-square" or, in other words, the "equilibrium" price,  
and the deviation from it can be perceived as "random" fluctuations associated with non-typical actions of buyers and sellers.

Two side lines are equidistant from the center line and represent the maximum deviation from the equilibrium price.

The Linear Regression channel is a recognized tool in all exact sciences. It will help you better understand the situation on the market.