Gunn's Fan

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This video is devoted to the "Gann Fan."
To apply the Gann fan to the chart choose the menu item "Insert" - "Gann" - "Gann Fan."

Gann Fan is one of the most difficult graphical plottings. 

Lines of Gann Fan are built at different angles from the chosen base or peak at the price chart.

The trend line of "one to one" that is also named a "Gann line" is considered the most important.

The central part around the Gann Fan represents the powerful support and resistance line. 

The other eight basic angles also represent support and resistance levels, depending on the price location.

Let's name those lines:
1х8 — 82.5 degrees: "One eight. Eighty two and a half degrees"

1х4 — 75 degrees
1х3 — 71.25 degrees
1х2 — 63.75 degrees
1х1 — 45 degrees
2х1 — 26.25 degrees
8х1 — 7.5 degrees

As we see, these lines help us understand the condition of the trend.  Further, we will study some trading strategies that use the Gann fan.
Let's consider some examples.
As we can see here, the "Gann line" is a powerful support line.


Here the "Gann line" is the powerful resistance line.

In this case, the line of the Gann Fan is a support level.