Fibonacci Time Zones

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This video is devoted to "Fibonacci Time Zones."
To apply Fibonacci time zones to the chart, use the sequence "Insert" - "Fibonacci" - "Time Zones."

To build this instrument, it's necessary to specify two time points and determine the length of the interval. For example, you've chosen the duration of the trend.

After plotting the time zones, you'll see different vertical lines on the chart.Now you can say you've plotted the "waves" or "periods" after the trend. 
In some periods we can see trend, while in others we see it flat.

Now you simply need to identify the current phase in order to trade accordingly.
The Fibonacci Time Zones indicator is perhaps the most controversial of all the indicators.
Some consider it as absolute and reliable--"the ATM to get money from Forex"--but others think it's absolutely useless plotting.
Ultimately, only you can decide whether to use this indicator in trading.