Fibonacci Fan

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This video is devoted to the "Fibonacci Fan."
To apply the Fibonacci Fan to the chart, use the sequence "Insert" - "Fibonacci" - "Fan."

The Fibonacci fan is one of the most complex graphical plottings.

When plotting the Fibonacci fan, two opposite peaks are usually selected and the fan is plotted between them.

Other lines built automatically are considered to be support and resistance lines.As we can see, the first fan line has detected the trend.
the second line has pointed out the middle of the trend near which the price was going, 
and the last line became the powerful support and resistance level. The price has rebounded from it several times.

In other words, the Fibonacci fan helped us to take everything from the price movement. According to its signals, you should have opened a deal here

and closed it here. 

Also, you could have opened deals here and here

In this case, you could have obtained a good profit. 

Please remember that all Fibonacci objects require extensive experience.
Even a small mistake in the beginning of plotting can lead to big problems that will prevent you from getting the profit. Such errors can even lead to losses.