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This video is devoted to the Demarker technical indicator.
To apply it to the chart, press the "Indicators" button on the toolbar and choose "Oscillators" - "Demarker."

After that, there is a window where we can change properties of the exposed indicator. We can select the averaging period, fix a minimum and a maximum, and also visual settings.

Extremely seldom are used indicator which on an intention of developers should show areas of "price exhaustion" which usually match the price peaks and troughs.

The indicator fluctuates from 0 to 1.

When the indicator falls below mark 0.3, the turn of the prices is expected up.

When the index of the indicator rises above mark 0.7, the turn of the prices is expected down.

However during research the indicator proved itself so nasty that we advise it to apply only after serious testing and only together with other indicators.