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Welcome to currency trading with Profiforex!
This video is devoted to the "Navigator" window.
You can quickly open or close this window using the "Control N" key combination.

"Navigator" is a multipurpose window that helps to access such elements of the terminal as expert advisors, indicators and scripts.

Moreover, in the "Navigator" window you can switch between your live and demo accounts and open new demo accounts as necessary.

In the "Accounts" section, you can see a list of the accounts you've opened.
Real accounts are marked with the icon of a trader in a gold-colored jacket, and demo accounts have the icon of a trader in a green jacket.
In order to connect to the account, double-click it with the left mouse button or select the account needed and press "Enter."

In the sections "Indicators," "Expert Advisors," "Custom Indicators" and "Scripts," you can see a list of the corresponding elements. 
Indicators are built into the terminal graphical tools used for the technical analysis of charts.

Custom Indicators are the indicators that a trader can add to the terminal.
In order to do so, the file with the indicator should be copied to the folder designed for custom indicators.
Depending on which folder you installed, your trading terminal to the path to your folder with custom indicators can be like this: 

Expert Advisors are special prog rams designed for automated trading or performing any service functions for the trader.
Here's an example of the path to the folder with expert advisors, as shown on the screen.

Scripts are also programs, but unlike the expert advisors--which work constantly until they are removed from the chart--a script is executed once after being installed on the chart.
To install any of these types of objects on the chart, simply select the object and drag it on the chart window by using the mouse.


You can make more actions with the objects using the context menu, which is activated by right-clicking the mouse on the list.

Moreover, by using this context menu any of the objects can be added to the "Favorites" tab.