Market Watch

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Welcome to currency trading with Profiforex!
This video explores the "Market Watch" window.
Show or hide this window by using the button on the "Standard" toolbar or the "View" menu item from the main menu, or by pressing the key combination "Control M."

In the "Market Watch" window you can see a list of symbols or financial instruments, the quotations for which are available in the trading terminal.

In the string of every available symbol you can see two prices: Bid and Ask. These are the prices at which you can sell or buy this instrument.
Using the context menu, which is activated by right-clicking the window in the usual way,you can add such information fields as High and Low
as well as the time at which the quotation is received. 

It is important to understand that the window doesn't necessarily display all the available symbols.
A broker can provide you with a wide range of instruments and quotations, but you can choose to display in the "Market Watch" only those symbols that are of interest.
To do this, activate the context menu of the window.  Choose one of the existing sets or the whole list of instruments.

The instruments that are already shown in the window are marked in yellow. Other available (but not chosen instruments) are marked in gray.

To add a symbol to the Market Watch window, left double-click on it. Or, after selecting it, press the "Show" button.
To delete the symbol from Market Watch window, select it and press the "Hide" button. Or, simply double-click it.

Moreover, in the Market Watch window you can monitor the tick charts of the selected financial instrument.
To do this, click the string of the needed instrument and switch to the "Tick chart."

Another convenient feature of the Market Watch window is the quotations window, which can be called by pressing the "F10" button or via the context menu of the window.
The quotations window has its own context menu, which helps choose the necessary settings.
This window is placed above all other windows by default, and the font of the window changes automatically while the scale of the window is changed.

The window of quotations has its own shortcut menu allowing to set up a window of quotations in a way, convenient for you.

By default this window always settles down over all windows, and the font in a window, in case of its scaling, automatically changes the size.