Data Window

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This video explores the Data window.
The Data window reflects the information about price parameters of the bar or the candlestick you indicate with your mouse.

You can switch on the Data window with the key combination "Control D" or simply press the relevant button on the standard toolbar. 

If you move the mouse across the screen, you'll see how the fields' values change in the Data window.
It will be easier to determine the bar to which the values in the window pertain if you change the cursor to a crosshair.  
This can be done by pressing the middle button of the mouse or the button in the "Line Studies" toolbar.
Now you can see all the necessary information for any bar on the chart.

The representation of information about the price characteristics of bars is one of several convenient functions in the Data window.
Add an indicator to the chart, and you'll see strings with its name and values of its lines for the selected bar in the Data window.

You can have several indicators on the chart, and for each of them there will be separate lines in the Data window. 

To avoid confusion, in the Data window you can leave information only about certain indicators. 
To do this, open the Properties window of the indicator and, in the Visualization tab, uncheck the item "Show in the Data window."

After you do this the information about this indicator won't be shown in the Data window.

Using the context menu of the window, you can copy the information from the window for further use in other applications,
as well as customize its interface and the volume of information displayed in the window.