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This video is devoted to Toolbars.
The MetaTrader 4 trading terminal has four toolbars containing the buttons that duplicate the main terminal commands.

You can manage the number and structure of the buttons on each toolbar, and there you can place buttons for the commands you use more often.
To do this, right-click the toolbar and choose "Customize" from the context menu. 

In the left part of the "Customizing toolbar" window there's a list of available buttons, while in the right part there's a list of the buttons that are already present in the toolbar.

You can add or delete buttons from the toolbar just by simple dragging and dropping the buttons from one list to another.
With the "Up" and "Down" buttons you can change the order of the buttons on the toolbar.

Despite the fact that all the toolbars are by default situated at the top part of the terminal under the main menu, all of them are floating. They can be freely moved across the screen and docked to any edge of the terminal.

Each of four toolbars contains command buttons for particular purposes. 
The "Standard toolbar" contains general commands for managing the terminal and trading.
Among these commands are: open / close Market Watch window, Data window and Navigator; Open the new chart; and Place an order.

The "Periodicity toolbar" contains the buttons used to switch between standard timeframes on the chart.

The "Carts toolbar" includes commands for managing charts and technical indicators.
For example, you can switch between different types of chart representations: bars, candlesticks and lines. You can also choose the scale of the chart, manage templates, indicators and so forth.

The "Line Studies toolbar" contains the buttons for inserting frequently used graphical objects, as well as buttons for changing the cursor operation mode.