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This video is devoted to "Profiles," in MetaTrader 4 terminal.
In the MetaTrader 4 terminal you can save any number of desktops, each with its own settings,as well as template types and the cart order.
First, let's see how easy it is to switch between different desktop profiles.
At the bottom of the screen we see the name of the current profile.
Left-click it, and the context menu will open.
Here we can choose any available profile.


Initially, you have five profiles: Default, British Pound, Euro, Market Overview, and Swiss Franc.
Choose the desired profile by left-clicking it.
To switch to the next profile, simply press Control F5.  

To switch back to the previous profile, use Shift F5.

Deleting and saving profiles.
If you've created the desktop you want to save, just choose "File," "Profiles," and "Save as…."

Or, you can simply choose the same in the context menu of the profile.
The new profile, once it's saved, can be chosen at any time.

You can delete profiles using the "Remove" menu item and specifying the profile you want to delete.