Opening a Position

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Welcome to currency trading with Profiforex!
This video is devoted to opening and modifying positions in the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal.
To open a position is to buy or sell the selected volume of a particular financial instrument being traded.Position can be opened either by the execution of a market order or by the automatic triggering of a pending order.

There are several ways to open a position using a market order: To execute the "Tools — New Order" menu command, press the "New Order" button of the "Standard" toolbar,press F9, or double-click on the symbol name in the "Market Watch" window.
You can also execute the "New Order" context menu command of the "Market Watch" window and "Terminal — Trade" window. 

The "Order" window will then open. This window is used to manage trade positions. 

Here we fill in the following fields:

 - "Symbol ": Select a financial instrument for which the position is to be opened;

  - "Volume": In this field we specify the trade volume (amount of lots);

   - "Stop Loss": This field is used to set the Stop Loss level;
   - "Take Profit": this field is used to set the Take Profit level. The zero values of Stop Loss/Take Profit orders mean that the orders haven't been placed.
    - in the "Comment" field, you can write your comment to the position if desired. The broker can also place a comment here. 
    -  in the "Enable maximum deviation from quoted price" field you can enable/disable the use of deviation. 
This is the maximum deviation of the price from the requested price at which the broker can open your position without offering a new price.

 - the "Maximum deviation" field specifies the value of the maximum permissible deviation in pips.

Once all the necessary data is specified, you can press the "Sell" or "Buy" button.
By doing this, the order for opening of a short or long position, respectively, will be sent to the broker.

If the Stop Loss or Take Profit level is too close to the current price at the opening of a position,the message "Invalid Stop Loss or Take Profit" will appear.

It's then necessary to shift levels from the current price and resend the request for placing the order.
The trade position will open after the broker makes a trade and sets the Stop Loss and Take Profit.
At that, the status bar of the opened position will appear in the "Terminal — Trade" tab, and the open price, Stop Loss and Take Profit levels will be shown in the chart.

 In open positions you can modify only Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.
To modify a position, you must execute the "Modify or Delete Order" command of the opened position context menu 
or double-click with the left mouse button in the fields of "Stop Loss" or "Take Profit" of the opened position line in the "Terminal" window.

To place the order in points from the current price, set the desired value in the "Level" field and press the "Copy as" button. "If the values of these fields are zero, the minimum permissible deviation set by the broker is used.