Forex Help on MetaTrader: Menu

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Welcome to currency trading with ProfiForex!
This video is designed for those seeking forex help in trading and is devoted to the menu in the MetaTrader 4 terminal.
Let's look at the tabs in this menu.

In the "File" tab we can see the overall management of the terminal.
When we click "New Chart," the submenu in which we choose the currency pair appears.

The "Open Offline" menu item lets you open the chart from the data stored on your hard disk drive.
With the "Open Deleted" menu item we can reopen a chart that has been closed accidentally or intentionally, complete with its settings.

Let's assume we have a chart with different indicators.

In the event the chart is closed, we can reopen it using the "Open Deleted" menu item.

We can also close the current chart,save data about the instrument in the text format,or save the chart as a picture.

The "Profiles" menu item allows us to switch between profiles,save profiles and open profiles that have been saved previously.
Another video will explore this in detail.

The "Open an Account" menu item is used to open a demo account from the terminal window.
This will also be explained in another video.
The last items of this menu tab let us print the chart or exit the program.
Use the "View" menu tab to change the program's interface.

You can change the language of the program. There are more than 30 languages to choose from.
For example, let's switch to German.After that, you must restart the terminal.

The "Charts" menu tab is used to manage the window of the selected chart.
This menu is examined in another video.

The "Tools" menu tab is used to manage the quotations archive,software modules and general configuration of the terminal.

Also, by using the "New Order" item from the "Tools" tab you can open an order on any chosen instrument.

"Window" tab is used for the general management of the charts.
You can open a new chart,and you can place the charts in Cascade,either horizontally or vertically.

The "Help" tab contains all the necessary information about the program.