21 January 2015
High volatility is possible on 22 January due to the Interest Rate Decision of ECB
Please be advised that the press conference of ECB will take place at 13:30 GMT (08:30 EST, 15:30 Trading Server Time) on 22 January. The Decision on the Interest Rate will be announced at 12:45 GMT (07:45 EST, 14:45 Trading Server Time). Due to the news of Swiss National Bank and the market reaction on it last week the economic events of 22 January may be accompanied by the high volatility in the market. Spreads can become higher and liquidity can be unstable.
Please review your account and make necessary adjustments to protect your account from possible risks.
17 January 2015
Changes in the trading schedule on 19 January, 2015
Please be advised that on January 19th there is an official holiday in the USA (Martin Luther King Day) therefore there will be changes in trading sessions of metals (XAUUSDv, XAUEURv, XAGUSDv, XAGEURv):
Close time: 18:00 GMT (21:00 trading server time)
Re-open: 23:00 GMT (02:00, 20 January trading server time) Trading on Indicies will be closed on January 19th.
16 January 2015
Profiforex policy regarding CHF volatility on 15 January
Due to the high volume of inquiries received today regarding the financial status of Profiforex after yesterday's CHF volatility we would like to assure our clients that CHF volatility didn't influence Profiforex. Profiforex transmitts all the clients' orders directly to the interbank market so there is no way in which Profiforex could be affected by such a high volatility of Swiss Frank yesterday.
Thank you for staying with us!
16 January 2015
ITA40v, SPA35v Contract Expiration: 16 January
In accordance with CFD contract specifications and guidelines, we are notifying you that your ITA40v, SPA35v CFD contracts expired today (January 16th, 2015) at 22:00 GMT. All open ITA40v, SPA35v positions should be closed and all stops, limits, and pending entry orders should be cancelled. Clients wishing to maintain positions in ITA40v, SPA35v will need to place new trades at the beginning of the next ITA40v, SPA35v trading session.
15 January 2015
High volatility of the currency pairs with CHF
Swiss National Bank surprised markets on Thursday by announcing it will remove the 1.20 EUR/CHF floor and it is also lowering the rate on sight deposit by 50 bps to -0.75%. Swiss Frank has grown by 20% within minutes. As the result many of our clients had either a huge negative balance on their accounts (reaching 1000% of the deposit) or have gained hundreds percent of profit from their deposit. Profiforex always follows its obligations.
That is why all the clients who have negative balance on their accounts can restore it to zero simply by logging in to their accounts via MetaTrader 4. Profiforex takes all the expenses and your negative balances will be restored to zero.
Those who have gained hundreds of % of profit can easily withdraw money. As we are expecting a sharp increase in withdrawals today we have already increased the amounts of funds available on the e-wallets (up to 1 mio USD).  This amount should be enough so please rest assured that you will receive your profits in time.