Properties Of Objects

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This video explores the properties of graphical objects.
Every object that is represented in the terminal window has its own specific properties. 
To get access to the object's list of properties and their values, first select the object and then choose the "Properties" item from its context menu.

The Properties window of the object consists of several tabs for different purposes. 
In the "Common" tab you can see the following settings:
"Name": This is the unique name of the object that is automatically applied when the object is created.
However, you can change its name if, for example, you want to highlight this particular object among other similar objects in the list.
"Description": In this field you can enter any description of the object. 
If, in the Properties of the chart, the option "Show object descriptions" is switched on, this description will be shown on the chart near the object.
In the "Style" section, you can choose the color of the object's lines as well as their forms and thickness.
"Draw object as background" will fill the objects, such as shapes or channels (excluding the Fibonacci channel), with color.
Please be aware that objects are drawn in the background, behind the chart.

The coordinates of the object control points in the chart can also be changed manually in the "Parameters" tab. 

For some objects there is an additional option called "Ray." When this option is switched off, linear objects are drawn from one specified point to another point. 

When the "Ray" option is switched on, the line continues to infinity.

In the Parameters tab there can also be other parameters depending on the specifics of the particular object.
It could, for instance, be an angle in degrees or the code of the graphic icon. 


In the Visualization tab you can also specify the timeframes in which this object will be visible and in which timeframes it will be hidden.
This can be very convenient when you're making analysis on one minute timeframe but mainly working on big timeframes, 
 such as  one day or four hours at the same time.

For Fibonacci objects the tab "Fibo levels" will be available. There, you can change, add and delete levels.

The "Defaults" button restores the levels to their original values.

If the "percent dollar"symbol combination is entered in the "Description" field of a particular level,
the price value corresponding to that level will be shown in the chart.