Trading Sessions
Streaming prices on forex instruments are available from 21:00 GMT Sunday till 21:00 GMT Friday. Trading functionality is available from 21:15 GMT Sunday till 20:50 GMT Friday. Trading sessions often resume earlier (21:05 GMT), but some of the banks may stay offline as late as 21:15 GMT.
Swap is being charged at 00:00 according to the time of the trading server (GMT+3). Wednesday is the day for charging a threefold swap.
On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday there are breaks in the quote and trading sessions from 20:57 GMT and lasting up to 21:15 GMT. The length of these breaks may vary with the end of day (EOD) connection reset times of individual liquidity providers.
Trading Hours
Instrument Title Trading Hours (GMT) Break Time (GMT)
Forex All currency pairs Sun 21:00 - Fri 20:45 * Daily 20:57 up to 21:15**
Metals XAUUSD, XAUEUR, XAGUSD, XAGEUR Sun 22:00 - Fri 21:45 Daily 21:00 - 22:00
AUS200v The Australian Stock Exchange Index Daily 23:50-20:00 Daily 06:30-07:10
FRA40v French Stock Exchange Index Daily 07:00-21:00 None
COPPERv Copper Sun 23:00- Fri 21:45 Daily 22:00-23:00
GER30v German Stock Exchange Index Daily 07:00-21:00 None
UK100v FT & LSE - London Stock Exchange Index Daily 08:00-21:00 None
ITA40v Italian Stock Exchange Index Daily 08:00-16:40 None
NGASv Natural Gas Future Sun 23:00- Fri 21:45 Daily 22:15-23:00
SPA35v Spanish Stock Exchange Index Daily 08:00-16:30 None
SUI30v Switzerland Stock Exchange Daily 6:50-16:25 None
SWE30v Swedish Stock Exchange Daily 05:50-15:25 None
UKOILv Brent Crude Oil Mon 01:00-Fri 21:45 Daily 22:15-01:00
USA30v Dow Jones Industrial Average Sun 23:00- Fri 21:15 Daily 21:15-21:30
USA100v NASDAQ Sun 23:00- Fri 21:15 Daily 21:15-21:30
USA500v S&P 500 Sun 23:00-Fri 21:15 Daily 21:15-21:30
USOILv West Texas Intermediate Light Crude Oil Sun 23:00-Fri 21:45 Daily 22:15- 23:00