Frequently Asked Questions
What is the price of 1 pip on the Forex market?

The price of 1 pip is defined separately for each currency pair. For 1 lot the price of 1 pip is about 10 cents for a cent account or 10 dollars for a dollar account. The price of 1 pip is calculated in the following way: 100000*number of lots*0.0001*the price of the second currency in the currency pair. 

How much is 0,01 lot on a cent account, and what is the minimum amount needed to open a deal?

0,01 lot on a cent account is equal to 10 units of the base currency; the required margin=10*exchange rate of the base currency against dollar/leverage.

What is a Swap? Sometimes it charges money, and sometimes it adds money.

You are trading on Forex Spot, so you make an order with the execution date on the next day. In other words, when you buy 1 lot GBP/USD you place a buy order (you buy 100000 pounds and pay dollars) with the currency delivery time on the next day. Because it isn't a real delivery, on the next day you reserve the execution date for one more day, etc.
However, you have to pay the difference between the refinance rates of national banks of the countries, whose currency you exchange.
Here is a typical example:
Let's assume that in Europe the rate is 4,0%, while in America 3,5%. You have the open sell position on 1.0 lot on EUR/USD. For this you need to sell 100,000 EUR. That means that you have to borrow them under the annual rate of 4,0%. Having sold euros we buy dollars that we lend under the annual rate of 3,5%. The total amount of your expenses on the transaction: (4.0-3.5)% annual rate or, that is the same, having the exchange rate EUR/USD 0.9000: 675 dollars per year, which equals 1.85 dollars per day. Alternatively, when trading at 1:100 it's 0.18 pips.
The sum that is added/charged as a payment for holding the position overnight is called the storage or swap.
To hold the position overnight from Wednesday to Thursday the triple storage is charged/added. This happens because the position opened on Wednesday has its value date on Friday. When the position is held overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, its value date should expand not for one day but for three days and become Monday. That is why from Wednesday to Thursday the triple storage is charged/added. 

What is a stop-loss?

This order is designed to minimize losses if the price of financial instrument has started to move in the unprofitable direction. If the price of the instrument reaches this level, the position will automatically close.
This order is related to open position or pending order.
It can be placed only with a market order or a pending order.
The conditional check of this order is made by: Bid-price for long positions and Ask-price for short positions.
The trailing stop can be used to automate stop-loss movement after the price. 

What is meant by "take-profit"?

Take profit is designed as a way to obtain profit when the price of the financial instrument has reached the predicted level. It allows a trader to specify the price to close a trade as it moves in a profitable direction.
Once the price of the instrument reaches the exact price that has been set by the trader, the order is executed, the position is closed and profit is taken.

This order can be placed only with a market order or a pending order. For the instruments with market execution you can place "take profit" only after opening the position.

For a Buy order, Take- Profit must be set above the current price. It is set below the current price when it is a Sell order.
The conditional check of this order is made by: Bid-price for long positions; or Ask-price for short positions. 

How are margin, summarized lot and deposit interrelated? How is margin calculated?

Balance - fixed money on your account.

Equity = Balance + Profit (-Loss) on open positions
Free Margin = Equity - Margin
So, these are the funds that you can use to open positions.
Level = Equity/Margin
Margin = 100000 /(leverage) * (current rate of exchange) * (lot size)
If the level is less than 15%, then the most unprofitable position is closed automatically.
If you have overspent your balance (after all the positions are closed), your balance will be restored to zero
What is meant by "spike"?
 A spike is an error quotation with the following characteristics:
a. A significant price gap;
b. A price rebound over a short period of time within a price gap;
c. Absence of rapid price movement before its appearance;
d. Absence of important macroeconomic indicators and/or corporate news of significant effect before its appearance.
What are forex crosses?

Forex Crosses are currency pairs in which the base currency (USD) isn't visible. 

On the Forex market there are two types of currency pairs: major pairs and crosses. For example, EUR/JPY is a cross pair, because it's formed from two major pairs: EUR/USD and USD/JPY.

What is the trailing stop? How does the trailing stop order differ from the common stop order? Does the trailing stop work when my computer isn't connected to the Internet?
 When you put trailing stop (for example for X pips) the following happens:
When you put a trailing stop (for example, for X pips), the following occurs: MetaTrader doesn't do anything till the moment when the position goes to profit on X pips (the size of the trailing stop). Subsequently, MetaTrader places the stop order on the price that differs from the actual price on X pips(in this example, the breakeven point).
If MetaTrader gets the quotation when the distance between the actual price and the stop order exceeds X pips (the size of the trailing stop), MetaTrader changes the stop order for the distance equal to X pips from the actual price. Thus your stop order comes closer to the actual price for the distance in X pips.
The trailing stop works only when you're connected to the Internet and your trading account is opened in the trading terminal. 
I don't have money! How can I start trading on Forex?
There are three ways:
The first one
Is to find just a few dollars (tens of dollars) and trade for some time on the real account.If you succeed, our investors will give you money for trading.
Win our contest and get a prize (up to $1000).
Find an investor by yourself.It isn't so hard to do if you learn how to make money at least on the demo account
What do I need to do to start trading?

All you have to do is open a Real trading account from our Website and deposit any amount of your choice.

Download the MT4 platform, Login and start trading

Forex is the interbank market. It is obvious that big banks are interested in big sums. How can I trade on Forex with only $1???

Everything is quite easy. 

The thing is that no broker (us included) can provide you with the direct access to the Forex market. We introduce the total volume on the market.

Your transactions are summarized and delivered to the contractor bank, which receives a part of the spread.

We keep the other part of the spread as a payment for transferring money.

You are really trading on the Forex market, and with our assistance you're getting your profit from banks - market makers.

How do I calculate my Margin requirement and Profit?

To calculate your margin requirement,  pip value and swap kindly use the Trading Strategy Calculator.

How much money should be on my account in order to trade with 0,01 lot on the currency pair EUR/USD?

The margin for 0.01 lot on EUR/USD with the leverage 1:100 ~ 16 cents, the price of 1 pip - 0.1 cent;
The margin for 0.01 lot on EUR/USD with the leverage 1:200 ~ 8 cents, the price of 1 pip - 0.1 cent;
The margin for 0.01 lot on EUR/USD with the leverage 1:500 ~ 3.2 cents, the price of 1 pip - 0.1 cent. 

What trading Platforms do you offer?

We offer both MT4 trading platform and the Web terminal 

Where can I access the Webterminal?

Go to our website and from the menu click “trading tools” and select “Webterminal”

Do you offer Mobile Trading?

Go to our website and from the menu click “trading tools” and select what mobile device you want to use. E.g Iphone and Android.

How do I get my Trading Reports/Statements?

Daily/ monthly statements are sent into your email address associated with your trading account.

You can as well generate your trading statements manually by , launching  the trading terminal and open the "Account history" tab. Right-click on it and then choose "All History". You'll see the entire account history.
Does Profiforex Provide Technical Support?

Yes, Technical support is available 24 hours 5days a week.

Does Profiforex offer Forex Education Programs for new traders?

Unfortunately Profiforex does not provide any form of direct training for traders.

However we have educational videos and tutorials to help beginners and expert traders enhance their trading knowledge and skills.

We also offer the forum here  where you can communicate with other traders and ask questions.
If the electricity is suddenly switched off in my flat, will the deal stay open or will it close automatically?

The deal will stay open even when your computer shuts down. It will not close automatically.You are responsible for opening or closing your trades. However, in the case where you are not able to close your position by yourself, you must contact online support or send an email to indicating the order id to be closed. 

In other cases where you are not able to contact us, your trades will be closed automatically only when it is losing and your account’s Margin level (Level = Equity/Margin) is less than 15%. The most unprofitable position will be closed automatically according to the stop-out. 
Could you tell me how pending orders work: Buy Limit. Sell Limit?

A buy-limit order (to buy when the future price is equal to "Ask") is placed when you predict that the price of the instrument, which has gone down to some level, will start to rise again.

A sell-limit order (to sell when the future price is equal to "Bid") is placed when you predict that the price of the instrument, which had gone up to some level, will start to fall again

What account types are available?

Profiforex have two types of accounts, the Demo and Real account. The Real account consists of the Micro and Standard account.

What is the difference between a Demo and Real Account?

A demo account is an account that allows a trader to buy and sell without using real money.You cannot withdraw your profit from a Demo account.

 A Real or Live account requires real money before you can start trading. You can withdraw your profit from a Live or Real account.

What is the difference between a Micro and Standard account?

A micro account allows you to trade in smaller quantities or micro lots.On this account your account balance is displayed in Cents.

The Standard account on the order hand, allows you to trade higher volumes and your account balance is shown in dollars.

Please visit the Account Types page of our website. 

How do I open a Demo account?

You can open a demo account directly from our website under the Menu “For Traders” or quickly click here to do so.

 Also, you can open a demo account from our mt4 platform. If you have not downloaded it, please click here to do so.
How do I open a Demo account from the mt4 platform?

From the MT4 platform, under the Menu, Go to “File > Open an account. Select ‘Profiforex-Demo or ForexStart-Demo from the list of servers and Press “Next”. Tick “New Account” and press ‘Next”.

 Fill in your details accordingly and press “Next”, your demo account is now opened and you must copy and save the details shown to you. 
How long can the demo account be used?

Demo account will be deleted after a period if two months if it shows no sign of activity.  

 So in order to keep your demo account active you should login at least once in two months.

How do I open a Micro Live account

You can open a Micro account from the account registration page of our website. On this page you will find the Options above the Form “Micro account” and “Standard account”.

Click on “Micro account” and it will be highlighted in gray, then fill in the form and Click “Open a Real Account” below. You must copy or save the information presented to you on the next page if registration is successful.

Note: Carefully read the Client Agreement file. You can download it from the right corner.

How do I open a Standard/ Live account ?

You can open a Standard account from the account registration page of our website. On this page you will find the Options above the Form “Standard account” and “Standard account”.

Click on “Micro account” and it will be highlighted in gray, then fill in the form and Click “Open a Real Account” below.

You must copy or save the information presented to you on the next page if registration is successful.

Note: Carefully read the Client Agreement file. You can download it from the right corner.
Does Profiforex offer Joint accounts?

Yes Profiforex offers Joint accounts. This option is available to you on the Account Registration page

Before filling the form, click “Joint” and once it is highlighted in Blue, you can proceed to registration.

Note: Carefully read the Client Agreement file. You can download it from the right corner.
Does Profiforex offer Corporate accounts?

Yes Profiforex offers corporate accounts.This option is available to you on the Account Registration page.

Before filling the form, click “Corporate” and once it is highlighted in Blue, you can proceed to registration.

Note: Carefully read the Client Agreement file. You can download it from the right corner.

Can I open several accounts using the same data and IP?

Yes, you may open as many accounts as you need for trading using the same name and email address.

Can I change my account from Micro to Standard?

Unfortunately, we cannot change the type of account. 

You can easily open a new account from our website and transfer funds from the old one to your new account using the Transfer Form here.
How can I close my account?

After some couple of months of inactivity (dormancy) and zero account balance, your account would automatically archive or disabled. 

What is the Profiforex server time?

Profiforex server time is GMT+2

What server can I use for both demo and Real account ?

Please use forexstart-real  or forexstart-demo for your real and demo account respectively.

When Is Trading available?

Trading sessions open at 9:00 p.m. Sun. (London time) and closes at 10:00 p.m. Fri. (London time).  You can find the trading hours for all the instruments in the Trading Hours  section of the website. 

How many currency pairs does profiforex offer?

Profiforex offers 49 currency Pairs and above. Go to our Spreads and Swaps page of our website to view complete list. 

How can I add more money to my Demo or practice account?

Please contact our online chat support. 

Do you have Metals?

Yes, we have metals like Silver and Gold. Go to our Spreads and Swaps page of our website to view complete list. 

Do you have CFDs?

Yes, we have CFDs such as GER30, NATGAS, etc. Go to our Spreads and Swaps page of our website to view complete list. 

What kind of spread do you offer?

We offer both Fixed and Variable Spreads.

What is the fixed spread for EURUSD?


What is the Variable spread for EURUSD?

0.1 to 0.7

Do I need separate accounts for the Fixed and Variable spreads?

You have access to both types of spreads. From the mt4 platform, right click on any pair from the market watch window and select “Show All”. 

What do the symbols in with suffix V, ECN and Big mean?

Quotations without suffix = Fixed Spreads, no fee charged.

V = Variable spreads
ECN = Lower Spreads
Big = Rebates for trading these quotes. (This is a work in progress. Please do not trade with these quotes)
You can decide which one you want to trade. 
What Commissions do I pay when trading?

There is no commission for pairs with no suffix e.g. EURUSD .

But when you trade on instruments with suffix v you are charged a round turn commission of 0.3pips and 0.6pips when you trade instruments with suffix ECN.

What is the minimum and Maximum Lot Size?

The minimum and maximum lot size depends on the account type.

On a micro account the  minimum lot size is 0.01 and maximum is 10 ,000 Lots whilst that of the standard account is the same for minimum lot size for micro 0.01 and maximum of 1000 lots. 

Is it possible to trade with mini-lots, starting at 0,01?

Yes, it is. In the "Open order" window, click the "Volume" field and enter the desired volume of the deal.

How many transactions should be done per month?

We have no such restriction regarding transaction frequency. You can make as many transactions as you need for successful trading

Is Scalping and hedging Allowed?

Yes scalping is allowed with notice that Orders of less than 1 minute are not allowed and the deals will be cancelled if they last less than 1 minute.

 This is true for the deals on fixed spreads. The deals on variable spreads do not have this limitation
Hedging is also allowed but the two opposite deals (locked positions) on the same currency pair should be opened within a period greater than five minutes
Is there any fee for rollover (holding a position overnight)?

Yes, there is a fee for rollover and it is called Swap.

I am interested in the ability to close a position partly. Can I do that?

You can open an opposite position. By doing so, you can close the position partly.

 For example, let's say you opened the order of 1 lot buy on the currency pair EUR/USD, and you want to close it partly, by 0.1 lot. To do so, you need to open the opposite position, which is 0.1 lot sell.
Further, you should close the 0.1 lot order by choosing "Close by opposite position" in the "Type" field. Once the order is closed you will have the buy order on 0.9 lots. The additional spread for the second position is not charged.
Can I trade over the telephone?

We do not provide such services.

Do you have Market or instant Execution?
Profiforex have both Instant and Market Execution
CFD /Metals and five digit pair orders are executed with market execution while. Forex instruments with 4 digit quotes are executed with instant execution.
How far from the price can pending orders be placed?

Pending orders can be placed not closer than 10 pips. 

What happens when my account runs into a negative balance?

In that case the trading account balance would be adjusted to zero .

Are there any restrictions concerning the number of orders that can be opened at the same time on the Trading accounts?

On a micro account you can open 200 orders simultaneously and 300 orders on a standard account

Why do some positions close automatically?

The stop-out level is the status of a sub-account, when open positions are closed automatically (by the company) according to current quotations.

The company reserves the right to close the most unprofitable deals in order to avoid overspent balance (in a volatile market) when the margin level drops to 15%.

The last position is closed when the margin level is equal to 15%. For the deposits that exceed $1000 there is the other principle: Margin Call/Stop-out level - 80%/60% 

My pending order didn't work, although the candlestick on the chart touched it and was one point lower. Why didn't the order work?

The thing is that on the display you see only BID quotes. Pending orders that open a Buy position are executed at the ASK price. 

These prices differ from each other by the spread size. For example, if you want a pending order on GBP/USD to be executed,

then the price should break through it on three points. 

Are there any restrictions concerning the duration of the deal from opening to closing (by time or by pips)? How far can "Take Profit" and "Stop Loss" be placed from the current price?

The minimum interval from opening to closing a deal on 4 digit quote deal is 60seconds. There is no restriction for orders made on 5 digit quotations. 

While placing Take Profit or Stop Loss there are no restrictions in pips from the current price. 

What are the IP addresses that servers for demo, contests and trading accounts have?
Server for practice accounts (demo accounts) IP address
Server for trading accounts (real accounts): IP address
Backup server (data center) IP address
Contests are held on the real server. 
What Payment methods are available?

Visa/Master Cards, Skrill, Bitoin, Okpay, Webmoney, PerfectMoney, Neteller, RBK Money, LiqPay, W1, Yandex Money, QiWi, UnionPay, Boleto and Mobile. 

Do you accept Paypal?

Unfortunately, Paypal is not available at the moment. 

How can I deposit money to my trading account?

Variant 1:

  • Enter the "Deposit funds" section
  • Fill in the form and choose the deposit method
  • Press "Continue funding your account"
  • Complete the instructions of the payment system

Variant 2:

  • Enter your personal area, using your password and login
  • Press "Deposit funds"
  • Fill in the form and choose the deposit method
  • Press "Continue funding your account"
  • Complete the instructions of the payment system

Variant 3:

  • You can deposit money to your account by Click on the “Deposit Fund” button on the top of our website. Or click Deposit Fund now to continue. 
What is the minimum deposit amount?

The de-facto amount is one cent. However, the margin collateral for the minimal contract is 3 cents. You can start trading with this money, but for full-scale trading we suggest that you have 2-3 dollars. This sum will be sufficient for the "trial" deposit.

What is the Maximum deposit?

There is no restriction

How long is my deposit credited to my account?

Deposits are credited to your trading account instantly. 

My account was not credited after I have made deposit, what should I do?

Please contact our Online support or send an email to

Do you charge a fee or commission for deposits?

Profiforex does not charge a commission or fee for Deposits.

However, some payment methods may charge a fee as you use their services. 

I got an error depositing via Credit/MasterCard, what should I do next?

Check if you have entered your card details correctly and try again.

If the problem persists, please try the other card processor. On the deposit page, you will find that there are two card processors.

Choose the other if one does not work.

If both of them do not work for you, you should contact your bank.

Can I deposit on Weekends or holidays?

Absolutely, you can deposit on weekends and holidays and your deposit would be credited instantly.

What should I do if my card is blocked, lost, stolen or not available for withdrawal?

Please  send an  e-mail to  the  Financial Department  ( describing  the situation  and  also  attaching the  official  letterhead  document  from the bank confirming  that  this  card is cancelled due to the following reasons. Also if your account is not yet verified please verify your account in the Personal Area > Verification tab. 

Can I use my friend's card/bank account to fund my account?

Unfortunately No, we do not accept any third party deposits

Can I deposit in EURO,GBP etc?

Yes you can, your deposit would be automatically converted in USD with no extra charge.

What does USC mean? I Deposited $7 but see 700USC

USC means US cents, this balance type is seen on Micro accounts also known as cent account, here $1 =100 USC .Note that all transactions are reflected in cents on micro accounts

How can I withdraw from my Account?

Variant 1:

  • Click the "Withdraw funds" link on the top of our website
  • Choose your withdrawal method and enter the withdrawal password in order to withdraw funds.
  • During a period of time (less than $5000: within 24 hours; more than $5000: within 48 hours), your funds will be withdrawn.

Variant 2:

  • Login to the Personal Area
  • Press "Withdraw funds"
  • Choose the withdrawal method and enter the withdrawal password in order to withdraw funds.
  • During a period of time (less than $5000: within 24 hours; more than $5000: within 48 hours), your funds will be withdrawn. 


Can I withdraw with a different payment method and not the one I deposited with?

Withdrawals can only be made to the same wallet in the same payment system that was used to deposit money to your trading account.

How do I withdraw if I deposited with two different methods?

In this case, the withdrawal is made in the same proportion For example, if you deposit $100 into your account using Skrill and $50 using Bitcoin you have to withdraw the same proportions $100 to Skrill and $50 to Bitcoin.

How long would it take when I withdraw?

Withdrawals are processed within 24hours. Withdrawals to Credit/MasterCard might take longer due to the delay from your bank.

How much commissions do your charge for withdrawing?

The withdrawal fee depends on the payment system being used. Please visit our Withdrawal page, click on the payment system. You will find information regarding withdrawal fee at the right corner. 

Can I withdraw when I have open positions?

Yes, you can withdraw available funds. It is your responsibility to ensure that the account has enough money to maintain open positions. Withdrawal amount cannot exceed your free margin.

Can I transfer funds from one account to another?

Yes you can. Visit the Withdrawal section of our website.

From the Payment methods displayed on the left, choose “Internal Transfer” from the bottom. Or click here to continue.

Please take notice that the transfers are processed within 24hours working 

Can I withdraw to another person's card/bank account?

Unfortunately No, we do not accept any third party withdrawal request

Does Profiforex discharge client's taxes according to the client's choice? Do you provide the information about my income to the tax administration?

No, You are responsible for paying your taxes, hence Profiforex do not provide any information about your income to the tax administration.

What is the minimum/maximum withdrawal amount?

The  minimum amount you can withdraw is 1 USD for most of the systems.

To find out the maximum amount to withdraw, go to the withdrawal page on our website and click on your payment method.

You will find the information about limits there. If there is no such information, it means there is no restriction on the minimum and maximum amount you can withdraw using that payment method. 

Is it possible to cancel a withdrawal request?

Yes. To do so, login to the personal area and click the ‘Balance history’ tab in the ‘Personal Information’ menu item.

You will find your withdraw request details there. Click ‘cancel request’ button and your request will no longer be processed

Why is money withdrawn only on Monday, if I sent a request on Friday afternoon (London time)?

We do not process withdrawal requests during the weekends.

If you place a request on Friday, it will be processed before the end of the day on Monday. 

Is there any detailed description of how to use a terminal? I'm a beginner, so I don't understand some of the terms and buttons in the terminal.

Download the trading terminal here.

You can find a user's guide within the terminal. To do so, choose "Help Topics" from the terminal's help menu or press F1.

Do you offer Multiterminal MT4?

Unfortunately we do not offer Multi-terminal MT4. But you can launch several copies of MT4 on the same computer. To do this you need to install MT4 into different folders several times. After doing this you will be able to launch several copies of the terminal at the same time

How do I download and Install the MT4 trading platform?

Go to our website and from the menu click trading tools and select MetaTrader4.

 Click “Download”. After you have downloaded the Exe file, open it and follow the instructions.

Please follow this link.

How much Internet traffic does MT4 use?

It depends on the quantity of ticks received. Each tick occupies 14 bites. 

Does traffic depend on the number of logins saved and the number of charts opened?

Yes, of course it depends on the number of charts opened.

Through what port does your program work?

MetaTrader4 works through the 443 port, which you must activate.

How do I open a trade in the MT4 platform?

There are two ways you can do this.

Method 1:
  • Click the “New Order” icon with a green cross sign.
  • Select the symbol; choose your volume and Press Buy or Sell
Method 2:
  • Right click on the Pair or symbol of your choice and select “New Order”.
  • Select the symbol; choose your volume and Press Buy or Sell
How do I close my trade?

From the Terminal Window, right click on the order you want to close and select "Close Trade". 

Can you please tell me how to remove lines plotted on MT4 charts, lines that are on the toolbar, slanting lines, Fibonacci, etc.?

View - Toolbars - Line Studies; press the Backspace key to remove them.

Why I can't read news in MetaTrader

 News comes only in the test mode (only headlines of important news).

What is meant by the phrase, "The trade flow is busy"?

It means that your terminal has sent an inquiry but didn't receive an answer yet,

and sends one more inquiry. You should restart the programme  in order to fix an error.

Why do I get the "Trade is disabled" message when I try to place or change an order?

It could be one of the reasons below:

  • Either trading on the specific instrument is not provided
  • Trading was closed due to a force majeure.
For more on this, see our Client agreement here.
When I try to create or change an order MetaTrader 4 says, "TRADE PROHIBITED." Why does that happen?

It's likely that you're using the investor's password for your trading account. Change the password to the main password in settings so that you'll be able to trade. The investor's password works only in view mode.

Why am I receiving “Off quotes” error?

This error may occur due to low market liquidity.

Why Do I get the Error “No connection”?
No connection" in the trading terminal means there is no connection with the trading server.
First of all, this could be due to a lack of an Internet connection. Your Internet service provider may be experiencing problems.
Second, it is important to be certain that you selected the correct trading server when signing in to the trading terminal.
If your Internet connection is working normally and the correct server is selected, then you should try re scanning the server.
In MetaTrader 4, click "No connection" in the lower right corner and in the menu that appears select "Re scan servers".
The terminal may not have a connection due to installed anti-virus software or a firewall (for example, the built-in Windows Firewall).
It's possible that one of these programs is blocking the incoming/outgoing traffic on port 443.
You can fix the problem by adding the terminal to your anti-virus software's list of authorized programs or by disabling your firewall
Where can I get quotations and how can I copy them to Excel?

In the terminal menu choose Tools\Options and the Server tab, and then mark the position: Enable DDE server.

Next, launch Excel and insert into the cell: =MT4|BID!EURUSD (for BID EURUSD), and then press Enter. It should work.

In the root directory, where MetaTrader is situated there is file DDE-Sample.xls, where you can find examples of how to get quotations.

Can I use Expert Advisors?

Yes. You can install or upload EAs as long as it was created with the right Parameters.

Please read our Client Agreement for more information.

Do expert advisors work on your platforms?

Yes, of course. Trading with the help of expert advisors is allowed on all account types.

How do I install an EA in the MT4 platform?

Open your МТ4 and use the "File --> Open Data Folder" feature. 

In the Data Folder window find the MQL4 folder. It contains all the necessary folders to install advisors, indicators, and scripts.

To install a custom indicator, advisor, or script, copy its files into the corresponding folders in the Data Folder: advisor files go into MQL4\Experts\, indicator files go into MQL4\Indicators\, and script files go into MQL4\Scripts\.

Why don't the indicators work?

You need to allow their usage in the terminal: Tools - Options - Expert Advisors.They should work once you restart the terminal. It is possible to display user indicators, including oscillators, averages, etc., in the trading terminal for pocket PCs and smart phones. Do the indicators from MetaTrader MQ4 fit? In the trading terminal for Pocket PCs there are standard indicators, but user indicators can't be used. 

I am trying to set my e-mail in MT4 (Tools -> Options -> E-mail) but I get an error 'Test message failed' in the Journal tab. What should I do?
Most probably you are using gmail e-mail address or the e-mail of the provider that uses SSL. MT4 cannot access your mailbox in this case.
Please use another email registered with another email provider  (gmx ,yahoo, yandex,, aol etc.).
Fill out the fields of the MT4 e-mail tab (SMTP server, SMTP login, SMTP password and From) with the new e-mail details.
If you still want to receive messages from the MT4 to your gmail then specify your gmail e-mail in the field 'To'.
After filling out the form save changes and restart the terminal.
Please note that you won't be able to test MT4 e-mail settings until you restart the platform.
Once you have restarted the platform, go back to the 'options' window and click 'Test' button in the 'E-mail' tab. In the Journal tab it will be relfected that the e-mail was sent.
I can't login to MT4. Quotations are not moving. I receive "No connection" error.

1. Restart it 

2. Try to enter data all over again: file\login, password, server IP 
3. Check the server IP in your terminal: Tools\Options\Server 
4. Check whether port 443 works 
Can I change the leverage on my account?
Yes, you can.
You can select leverage between 1:1 and 1:500 at any time.
To do so, you need to log in to your Personal Area first. Then choose "Personal Information" -> "Profile". On the profile page you will see "Change leverage" in the "Update" section.Or else just follow this link.
Can I trade with Profiforex with lower leverage, for example 1:33 instead of 1:100?

Yes, of course the.  You can  change  the leverage in the your the Personal Area.

What is the difference between 1:100 and 1:200 leverage (excluding the fact that a deal for a bigger sum can be made)?

These leverages differ due to the fact that, with the leverage of 1:200, you can open a bigger position. When you open positions of the same volume, if your leverage is 1:200 the margin will be half of the margin that you will have with the leverage of 1:100. You get a bigger "action radius", in fact.

Isn't it somewhat dangerous to trade with the leverage of 1:200?

Dangerous. In all, Forex is a dangerous game. Here you can not only gain enormous profit but also lose money.

Leverage can only refer to your degree of freedom. This is like driving at the speed 200 km/h.

Yes, it's dangerous, but it can also be necessary. Some companies provide leverages of between 1:20 and 1:100, but instead we offer our traders every possible opportunity. You choose the driving speed.

Of course, we advise you to be cautious and use all those opportunities only in fortunate circumstances.

How can I find out what is my responsibility for leverage?

Your risk is limited by the money that you have on your account.

What does Personal Area mean?

The Personal Area is a section of our website that is designed for those who have successfully registered an account with us.

On this section you can view your account balance, make changes to your Personal information, and verify your account.

You can also deposit and withdraw funds. It is your Personal Area. 

How can I log in to my Personal area?

You can sign in to your Personal Area by clicking the Login button on the top right corner of our website.

Your trading account number is your username; while your password is the same password you chose when you opened your account. 

How do I check my account balance in the Personal Area?

Your account Balance is displayed on the Top right corner of the Personal Area. 

How do I view my trading history in the Personal Area?

From the Menu, click "Trading". Your Account summary and pending orders will be displayed.  

How can I clear some orders from the order history in my personal area?

The history for the entire period is represented there. Unfortunately it cannot be modified. 

Why I can't log in to my personal area?

You have probably typed your login or password incorrectly.

You should use your account number for login and trader password (the same password that is used to login MT4) for password.

If you forgot your account number or trader password, please use the following form.
What to do if I receive ‘account is in the archive’ error while trying to login?
Your account was archived because the balance there was zero and it wasn’t used for at least two months.
In order to reactivate your account please login to the MT4 first. After that the account will be restored and you will be able to login to your Personal Area.
Do I need to submit any documents before I deposit or start trading?

No, verification is not obligatory. It is mostly needed for the extra safety of your account.

We do not place any form of restrictions on unverified accounts.However, we reserve the right to request for your documents when the need arises. 

Do I need to verify my account before I can trade?

After account registration you can verify your account anytime.

Login to your Personal Area and Click the Verification Tab from the Menu.

Click “Upload document” on the verification page. Please  click here  now to verify your account. 

How do I verify my account?

After account registration you can verify your account anytime.

Login to your Personal Area and Click the Verification Tab from the Menu. Click “Upload document” on the verification page.

Please click here now to verify your account.

What documents are needs for Verification?

For Identification you’ll need to provide any of the following below:

  •  Passport
  • Driver's License
  • Government issues ID.                  
For Proof of residence you’ll need to provide any of the following:
  •   Recent Utility Bill (i.e telephone, gas, electric)
  • Recent Bank Statement
If you have chosen Visa or MasterCard as your payment method, you’ll have to provide the photo of the card.
(The name and 4 last digits visible, other information should be blacked out).
Note: Your name on the documents should be written in English, Kindly note your documents must be in jpg or png format only and shouldn’t exceed 1MB
How long does it take to verify an account?

Account Verification may take up to a maximum of 5 business days. 

Why were my documents rejected?

The reason your documents were rejected along with instructions will be sent to the email associated with your trading account. 

I can’t upload my document, I keep getting error messages, what do I do?

Please make sure your files/documents are not in pdf format they should be in the png or jpg format only and shouldn’t exceed 1MB. 

Refresh the website and upload the documents again
I can’t find my withdrawal password, what should I do?

The best option would be to retrieve it. Use the Data Retrieval Form now. 

What is Withdrawal Password?

This is the password that you need to provide whenever you want to place a withdrawal request.

It was generated by our system and provided to you when you registered your account on the registration successful page. 

What is a Phone Password?

The Phone Password is a special password chosen by you. It is needed for the extra safety of your account.

How do I set my Phone Password?

You can set your Phone Password from your Personal Area. Under the personal information you will see the field to enter your phone password. Choose a combination of words and numbers that you can easily remember. Click ‘Save Changes” after you have entered your phone password. You can login to the personal area to change the phone password at any time

I want to change my Name, how do I do that?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the name on your account.

The alternative is to open a new account using your new information. 

Please note that you can transfer money only between the accounts with exactly the same name on them.

I want to change my Phone number, how do I go about it?

You can do this by Login into your Personal Area and click “Change a Phone” beside the phone number field. Follow the instruction on the page shown to you. 

I want to change my Email Address, how do I go about it?

You can do this by Login into your Personal Area and click “Change a Mail” beside the email address field. Follow the instruction on the page shown to you

What is meant by the investor password?

The investor password is a password given to an investor to monitor how his money is being used.

When an individual invests money into a trading account that is controlled by another trader, he is given a password.

With this password, he can login to the trading account, but cannot open or close a trader. The purpose of this password is to enable the investor see how the transactions are being carried out and the level of profit/loss. 

How can I reset my trader password / the password for entry to my personal area?
In order to reset your trader password please use the "Reset your password" form here 
How do I obtain my investor password?
You can set the investor's password within the terminal.
To do so, launch the terminal and then select Options from the Tools tab.
Next, enter the Server tab and select "Change." In the opened window you can change your trader and investor password. 
When was Profiforex Established ?

Profiforex was established in 2010

Is Profiforex an ECN broker?

Yes Profiforex is an ECN broker and offers STP execution 

Is Profiforex regulated?

Yes Profiforex is regulated by GURS

Where is Profiforex headquarters located?
Profiforex brandname is owned by TIM GROUP INC., headquaters are in Belize.
Do you accept clients from United States?

Unfortunately due to regulatory and compliance reasons we are unable accept clients from the United States at the moment.