Gunn's line

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This video is devoted to Gann line.
To impose the Gann line on the chart, use the sequence "Insert" - "Gann" - "Gann Line."

The Gann line is another type of trendlines - most frequently used tools for trend analysis in the Forex market. 
The Gann line represents a line drawn at the angle of 45 degrees.

This line is also called "one to one," which means that one change of the price occurs within one unit of time.
According to Gann’s concept, the line having the slope of forty-five degrees always represents a long-term trendline.
Let's look at the chart. We see that prices are above the ascending line that means that the market is in the bullish direction.

In another case,when prices hold below the descending line the market is characterized as bearish. 

The intersection of the Gann line usually signals the basic trend break.

When prices go down to this line during the uptrend, time and price are fully balanced.  This is the key moment: The price can cross the Gann line, indicating a change in the trend.

If you want to move the line, simply select it and drag it to any desired place.
To open the Properties window, select the context menu with a right-click of the mouse and choose the "Properties" item.