Gunn's Grid

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This video is devoted to the "Gann Grid."
In order to impose the Gann grid on the chart, use the sequence "Insert" - "Gann" - "Gann Grid."

Gunn's grid completely consists of Gunn's Lines.

A Gann line is another type of trendline. These are the tools most often used for trend analysis in the Forex market. 
The Gann line represents a line drawn at the angle of 45 degrees. This is also called "one to one," 
which means one change of the price occurs within one unit of time.
As was said earlier, Gann lines represent powerful support and resistance levels. 

When the price crosses any of these lines,

 it can generate an additional impulse for further movement.

Let's look at the chart.
As we can see, while the prices are above the ascending line the market is bullish.
If prices hold below the descending line, the market is bearish.

The Gann grid is a powerful instrument, but it isn't recommended for beginning traders because any erro that occurs in its plotting will give the wrong buy and sell signals.