Сhannel Strategy

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This video is devoted to channel strategy.
Channel strategy is usually used in addition to the basic trading strategies.

Let's open the chart and apply the linear regression channel to it.

The channel will hardly help you open the first deal. You should have opened the deal before using any other strategy.

With the help of the channel strategy you'll simply add deals in the direction of the trend every time, when the channel border is reached.

You're trading within the channel.

The signal to open the order occurs when price hits the zone plus or minus five pips from the line of the channel.

You can see some points on the screen.

If you open the deals of the same volume as the first deal at those moments, at the end of the trend you'll get the following profit:

From the first deal and from the deals opened using channel strategy

This strategy helps to make a profit on the condition that you've identified the trend correctly. It isn't recommended to open deals right before important news and in the event a trend reversal is predicted.