Trading on MACD

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Welcome to currency trading with Profiforex!
This video is devoted to trading through the use of "MACD."
Let's study one of the trading strategies based on the MACD indicator.

As in the previous videos, to apply MACD on the chart press the "Indicators" button on the toolbar and choose "Oscillators" - "MACD."

Subsequently, the window in which we change the indicators' settings appears.Let's select the following settings as an example:twenty-three;ninety-four;and nine.

If the MACD histogram is above the signal line, it signals an uptrend.

In this case we open only long positions. Sell signals are ignored.

In this case we ignore buy signals.

Now we need to identify the entry points. We can do this with the help of the "Awesome Oscillator," by Bill Williams. 

In this case we ignore buy signals.

To apply the Awesome Oscillator to the chart, press the "Indicators" button on the toolbar and choose "Bill Williams" - "Awesome Oscillator."

We won't change it’s settings.

The Awesome Oscillator gives a buy or sell signal called a "saucer."There will be a red bar after two green bars or the green bar after two red bars.This is the trend reverse signal.

We also need to identify when to close the deal.

We place to Stop-Loss, which limits our losses at the level of the last fractal.

Moreover, we close the deal if we receive an entry signal in the opposite direction.