Force Index

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This video is devoted to Force index.
To apply it to the chart, press the "Indicators" button on the toolbar and choose "Oscillators" - "Force Index."

Subsequently, the window in which we change the indicators properties appears.Here we can choose the averaging period, type of moving average, which input data the indicator will use, the fixed maximum and minimum,and the visualization settings.

An interesting point about the Force Index is that it was created by Alexander Elder.It calculates the "bulls power" at every rise and the "bears power" at every fall. 

It's better to approximate this index with the help of a moving average.

The authors recommend that this indicator be used in the following way:It's worthwhile to buy when, during an uptrend, the value of the force index falls below the zero line;

It's worthwhile to sell when, during a downtrend, the value of the force index rises above the zero line;

The force index demonstrates the continuation of the uptrend when it increases to a new height;The signal to close the order appears if the indicator remains at the same level. This is a signal that a trend reversal is expected soon.