Demo Account Opening

Add up to 500% bonus
to your deposit

Welcome to currency trading with ProfiForex!
Today we'll learn how to open a demo account in the MetaTrader 4 terminal.
In order to do so, first choose "File" and then "Open an Account."

You'll see a window for the entry of your personal information.  We don't require that you specify all   
your data precisely, but you should correctly specify your first name, last name and e-mail.

In the "Account type" field, the server type is chosen. You can leave this field without changes.
If you don't know the term "leverage," simply choose the "one to a hundred" value.
You must also specify the amount of the initial deposit.

You must also specify the amount of the initial deposit.

In order to continue, check the box "I agree to subscribe to your newsletters" and press "Next."
The next window is for choosing the server.
Leave it without changes and simply press "Next."

You'll see your login, trader password and investor password.

You can give the investor password to everyone with whom you'd like to share the results of your trading.
The trader password lets you trade, and it lets you change the account settings.
When the "Finish" button is pressed, the terminal connects to the server under the new login and password.

You'll receive an e-mail with your personal data, addressed to "Mailbox."
You can save it any way you want.

Your demo account will be blocked only if you leave it unused for a couple of weeks.